We have found an incredible building, right in the heart of our community, in the Gateway neighborhood with a clear view from I-5. It's a former skating rink (Skate World) and it's perfectly suited for us as an outreach focused church that exists to make a difference in our community! We have negotiated a very favorable agreement to purchase the building. Our plan is to remodel the building and carry out the vision of combining a worship center with a first-class indoor kid space and playground that we can use to bless and serve families in our community. In addition, the building is right on I-5 so we will be able to invite thousands of people every single day with our signage. It's an incredible opportunity to take the next big step in our mission and vision!

3D render of building exterior.

Like any building project (or step of faith), there are some challenges to be overcome. The building needs to be completely remodeled in order to serve our purpose as a church and community outreach center. While this means we get to fully envision and design this space, it does entail significant expense. So, we will need to come together in faith and sacrificial generosity to raise the funds required to remodel the building.


Amazingly, God has blessed us with the funds required to purchase the building! As a leadership team, we've prayerfully set aside funds every month to save for the potential of an opportunity like this. Through YOUR generosity and the faithfulness of God, we were able to save the $400,000 down-payment necessary for this building. 


We'll be adding more details to this page about the final remodeling cost as we find them out from our construction team. Major improvements are needed including a new roof, new HVAC and a new fire sprinkler system. We have a great design team and you can see some of the preliminary ideas of how we might use the space.  We plan on exposing the beautiful massive wood beams.


We envision a three phase process:


Phase one would allow us to complete the children, youth, and office wing of the building. With all of the major improvements, it looks like phase one will cost between 1.5-2 million dollars. At this point, we could move in with a temporary auditorium for adults but our kids would be set! 


Phase two would include the sanctuary and lobby.


Phase three would include exterior improvements.


We are asking everyone to do three things as we take this step of faith together:


Pray, Promote, and Pledge


1) Pray - We serve a miracle working God that has led us so faithfully as a church body! He is our provider and we are trusting in Him to give us what we need to fulfill His call on our church. Please give yourself to prayer in the coming days and weeks. Let's get on our knees together and ask God how He wants us to give to and serve this vision. In addition, please pray for wisdom, direction, favor, and provision for Joy Church as we take this journey! 


2) Promote - Please use the provided promotional materials to let as many people as you possibly can, know about the exciting potential of this space. It will be a place where people can hear the gospel and meet Jesus! It will also be a hub for our community where kids can safely play! We want to see this city look more like heaven and this facility will allow us to serve our community at an entirely new level. By joyfully sharing this opportunity with friends and family you can help make a difference. It's a beautiful vision and we believe our community will want to help make it a reality.


3) Pledge - Please prayerfully consider what God would have you GIVE! This is the perfect opportunity to support the expansion of God's kingdom in OUR community! I love the saying, "We can eat an elephant if we all take a bite." This project can come together if we all give according to what God puts in our hearts. What is required isn't an equal gift but rather an equal sacrifice. Please use the provided link to make a giving pledge or donation to the project.


You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure. "For God loves a person who gives cheerfully."

2 Corinthians 9:7



Many residents of Lane County are familiar with the former Skate World building. It's been a fun place for kids and families to gather for generations and we want to continue that legacy. We learned that the original owners of Skate World wanted to create a safe and fun place to get kids off the street. It was started with a heart for kids and teens. In addition, as we spoke with the sellers we learned that another church (Rise Church) is currently purchasing and renovating the Gresham Skate World. We've reached out and learned a lot about the amazing potential of this facility. It's awesome to see these facilities that were founded with a heart for the community continue to fulfill that purpose. Our heart is that this building will be a source of joy and a blessing to our community for years to come! 


This property is uniquely suited for Joy Church and our mission to Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples. Joy is an outreach focused church and this building will increase our visibility so that we can invite as many people as possible! Approximately 65,000 cars drive by the building on I-5 every day and we'll be able to invite them to experience God's love at Joy Church. In addition, this space is suitable for us to turn our vision of an indoor play structure into a reality with 17-20 ft ceilings throughout and plenty of space. Such an exciting opportunity for us! 

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." 

Matthew 5:14