Get your playground waiver signed!

All kids must have a waiver to enter.




When is the playground open?

We’ll have the playground open every other Tuesday from 12-2pm and every other Thursday from 10am-12pm. Check out the calendar for udpates!


What age kids can play?

The playground is open for babies through 12 years old. 0-3 have a special area designated for them to play in and must be accompanied by their guardian in that area.


Can I come if I don't go to Joy Church?

Yes! Please come enjoy the playground this summer. You'll need to fill out a waiver for each child which can be found at the link above or in paper form at the playground.


Do I need to bring anything?

In order to play on the playground children must:

  1. Wear clean socks
  2. Have a waiver completed by a legal guardian
  3. Have a legal guardian present at all times


Can I volunteer to help?

Absolutely! Please reach out to and let her know you're interested in helping make this important ministry possible!





Thursday, June 27th 10am-12pm



Tuesday, July 2nd 12pm-2pm

Thursday, July 11th 10am-12pm

Tuesday, July 16th 12pm-2pm

Thursday, July 25th 10am-12pm

Tuesday, July 30th 12pm-2pm



Thursday, Aug 8th 10am-12pm

Tuesday, Aug 13th 12pm-2pm

Thursday, Aug 22nd 10am-12pm

Tuesday, Aug 27th 12pm-2pm



It's Official!

In 2019, God gave us the amazing opportunity to purchase the former Skateworld building in Springfield.


Through a series of miraculous events and the generosity of many, we have a beautiful facility, complete with an indoor playground!


The playground officially opened to kids on November 5th, 2023. Since then, they've been having a blast, and we are all thrilled to watch them enjoy this greatly anticipated additon to Joy Church!

We can't wait for all the memories to come.


~ Thank you! 


If you haven't filled out a waiver, use the link above.  Paper waivers are also available in the Joy Kids Lobby. 

A legal parent/guardian must fill out this waiver for a child to play. 


 When you check in your child, their check-in tag will say "PLAY" in bold.


This is their ticket in!