Get your playground waiver signed!

All kids must have a waiver to enter.

It's Official!

In 2019, God gave us an amazing opportunity to purchase the former Skateworld building in Springfield.


Through a series of miraculous events and the generosity of many, we have an amazing facility, complete with an indoor playground!


The playground officially opened to kids on November 5th after first and second service. The kids had a blast, and we were all thrilled to watch them enjoy this greatly anticipated day!

We can't wait for all the memories to come.


~ Thank you! 


If you haven't filled out a waiver, use the link above. 


If your waiver is incomplete there should be an email in your inbox stating the status. Open it back up and see if there are any fields yet to be filled out.


Once the waiver is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email. When you check in your child, their check-in tag will say "PLAY" in bold.


This is their ticket in!